Monday, May 07, 2007

N.Y. Confidential EP

Voici un EP bien sympa que l'on ne voit malheureusement pas très souvent.
J'ai pas trop accroché la première fois, mais plus je l'écoute, plus je l'aime...



Brakkbacda said...

Un grand bravo

ral278 said...

word man! got this one as well and it's pure fire! keep up the good reviews!

Ralven said...


sup man? nice post. all the tracks are bomb. have to look for it. ;)


lordquaz said...

Tanks a lot all,
ralven, i hope that u can find that, i have the chance to grab it for 30€, its not really expensive, if u see the price of this record on the bay.

Ralven said...

Damn. 30€ is my upper limit. An old friend said: "With time you will get all things cheap." So I hope he's right. ;)


verge said...

@Ral- That's funny, 30$ is the most I
will pay for a vinyl, too. Unless it's something really special or of sentimental value. Your friend is right. I bought this EP for $2 at the Sound Library in 2003. But I no longer have it.
So, thanks much for this, lordquaz.
They sound a lot like Mobb Deep to me, but it's still mad ill.
"Why" is my joint.