Thursday, July 26, 2007

Trades and sales

Hi, I'm selling or trading all my doubles, all this records still stealed, feel free to make me an offer via my e-mail (on my profil)A vendre / A échanger

Je vend et/ou j'échange tous mes doubles, ils sont tous nickel puisque il sont tous neuf et scellé, faite moi vos proposition par mail (dans mon profil)

A.C.D. - Kings Of Ny b/w Swerving Hit List Records 1998

Johnny Blanco - Live From Queens b/w Respect Bill Blazz Management 1998
Phil Blunts - On The Attack b/w They Don't Really Love Us D.O.O.M. Entertainment/Diehard Records 1996
Here is what I'm looking for:
Je Cherche ca:

adagio - ny to philly EPAlps Cru - Intensity b/w "Nocturnal Illusions
Alps Cru "Intensity / Nocturnal Illusions / No Question" 12" 1995 Blue Concept Records

Blind Mice "The Book of BM" 12" 1997

Brainwash 2000 - Funk and dues/Funk and dues Pt. 2 b/w Next shit

Brass Tacks - Game iz like / Inner city madness

Citizen Kane - Structure / Black rain

Citizen Kane - The Epic EP

concrete click - keep it street/"Naive To The Facts

Cream Team - The knock / Hustle so much / Basically / Never understand

crime scene ep

Dirty Face Angels - 6 Emcees b/w Its Not A Game

Dirty Face Angels - Actin up b/w moelogical

Droopy Eye Crew "Broke willeez / Strictly for live men" 12" Smokehouse Productions

Gunrunnerz "Life and Death" EP 1995 Shakedown

J-Force "Bulls eye" 12" 1995 J-Force Entertainment

Microphone Terrorists - green paper / scar of life 1995

Microphone Terrorists - No Food b/w Hall Of Fame (Terrorist Entertainment 1996)

Mixed Elements - Northern Exposure (i told ya!) /Life's Dangerous

Prisoners of war - to become mc


Sandinistas "Mad Luv / higher" 12" 1997

Smoked Out Productions "Back Up Kid / Aw Yeah / Phases" 12" 1994 Smoked Out production

Tomorrowz weaponz - molested doves / lost planet / city of the GODS

Unsigned Artists Ep

and many more...



Parad-Ox said...

salut mec,ta bien recu mon mail pour le maja league et le johnny blanco? ciao bonne continuation

lordquaz said...

oulala sans déconne pardox g recu a minimum 50 message avec 50 mec different qui me demandé les meme disque (maja league/candy store), je suis completement perdu là, tu mavais proposé quoi ?