Friday, April 13, 2007

Gutter Snypes - The Trial Of Life EP

Toute première version promo de ce EP de l'anglais Gutter Snypes, il existe 6 versions de ce EP,la première fut la verte limitée à 500 ex., version étant la seul à comporté le Friday Night Throwdown Live, suivit de la version blanche limitée à 40 ex., la version transparente limitée a 500 ex. mais incluant les instrus et l' acappella de Judge Me Not, la version bleue limité également a 500 ex. mais cette fois ci avec une belle petite picture cover et les lyrics, la version rouge, pareil que la bleue, et enfin la version officiel... de quoi faire plaisir aux collectionneurs.

Un excellent EP à écouter (et à choper d'urgence) si ça n' est pas déjà fait.



Ralven said...

Real great one. This one was on my first rap tape back in the days an me still loves Trials Of Life and Judge Me Not. Alltime classics to me. Took some time to find out the name cause I forgot to write a name on the tape as so often.^^

See the record often in many colours. Geahh, I have to listen to it now.


lordquaz said...

a classic for me too, i hope i can find other colours one day, really i love this ep, it was great to heard your first mix, did u have this on mp3?.
peace ralven

Ralven said...

Yo Lordquaz,

there are often British sellers on ebay with all colours you like.

The tape was no mixtape. A friend of mine taped me some of his records but I think Gutter Snypes was the deepest shit on it (I remember there was a Westside and an Eastside). Awfully the tape is missing as so many other tapes.^^ Me was really glad as I found Gutter Snypes again. ;)


yow said...

DES anglais Gutter Snypes , ils sont 2 dedans Peace mec